Get to know The Hatch School

There are lots of ways to connect to The Hatch School community, and we hope you'll join us for as many of the events below as you like.

All of the events below are appropriate for both prospective students and their families to attend.

Registration for these events is through Ravenna. The Hatch School is committed to making these events as accessible as possible. Please reach out to if you would like to make arrangements to ensure your full participation in an event.


Applicants to The Hatch School and their families are required to attend an information session, which provides a general overview of the HATCH program and experience, as well as information about how to apply.

Upcoming sessions on Zoom include:

7:00 p.m.​

4:30 p.m.​

Wednesday, April 27

Wednesday, May 25

To register to attend an information session, complete this form or indicate your interest in Ravenna, our online application portal.

2021-22 Application Dates

Applications received by the preferred deadline will be notified of admission decisions on the release date.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Preferred deadline for application materials, including completion of Family Individualized Tuition form.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Admissions decisions and finalized FIT levels released.

Friday, March 4, 2022

Enrollment contracts and deposits due to guarantee enrollment and provided FIT level.

Rolling Admissions

Applications received after the preferred deadline will be reviewed and offered admission on a rolling basis. Families will have one week after being offered admission to enroll.


To dive deeper into what The Hatch School is all about, we invite you to check out recordings of sessions from this fall's Virtual Open House on our YouTube channel.

Individualizing Your HATCH Education
Learn more about ways that each student can create a trajectory through high school that meets their unique needs, including arts, PE, Spanish, Global Online Academy, and schedule flexibility.

What is Problem Based Learning?
“When are we ever going to use this?” Learn how HATCH students will use case studies to contextualize their learning goals and apply their knowledge to effect change.

Math @ HATCH
Math can be a class where it’s easy to feel out of sync with the rest of the class. Learn how HATCH’s math program offers a more personalized approach.

Girl-centered Education
The Hatch School is open to students of all genders, but centers the unique needs of adolescent girls. Learn more about why HATCH thinks this choice will be beneficial to its students and program.

Family Individualized Tuition
The Hatch School’s Family Individualized Tuition model seeks to make its program accessible to families at all socioeconomic levels. Learn more about how it works.

The Adventurous Class of 2026!
What do we anticipate the day-to-day experience of being a 9th grader in The Hatch School’s very first year will be like, and what unique opportunities exist?

Community & Leadership
A lot of what makes a school unique are the programs and opportunities that exist outside of classes. Learn about the Work/LIFE program, clubs, affinity groups,  activism teams, advisory, and grade level institutes.

Support for Diverse Learners
One of The Hatch School’s values is High Expectations and High Support. Learn about how academic support is provided to students in a variety of ways, and differences in learning styles are embraced.

Social, Emotional, and Mental Health & Wellness
One of The Hatch School’s values is Excellence & Balance. Learn about our plans for 1. teaching skills to advocate and care for self and others, and 2. supporting individual student needs.

Life After HATCH
Learn how The Hatch School will support college readiness and the application process, and why the absence of letter grades won’t be a roadblock to college acceptance thanks to the Mastery Transcript.


Adolescence is all about finding your people. Since there aren't current students to get to know, we want to give prospective students the opportunity to get to know each other.

We plan to offer opportunities to connect with other prospective students and families this winter and spring.. To learn more about these opportunities as they arise, let us know about your interest via email or connect with us in Ravenna, our application portal.