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The Hatch School is committed to creating a school environment where the students and faculty communities reflect the diversity of the City of Seattle. Our admissions outreach prioritizes making connections with girls whose intersectional identities are furthest from educational justice: BIPOC , first generation college students, and those of immigrant origins - among others. We recognize the work of building strong partnerships between family and school is essential, ongoing, and must be tailored to each student and family.


The current movement to decolonize curricula at many schools is long overdue. The Hatch School recognizes that it isn’t enough to change the reading list - we need to interrogate the assumptions that have framed whose knowledge and whose ways of knowing are being taught, and re-center the stories we bring to the fore. Furthermore, we have shifted HOW we teach, holding students to high expectations while simultaneously honoring the individual needs of each learner - stressing empowerment, reflection, and connection to the place and the community. This work by definition supports the voices of those who have been traditionally shut out of the conversations and encourages the thoughtful critique of established norms and power structures.

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Though The Hatch School is an educational space specifically designed to center the needs of adolescent girls, students of all genders are welcome at HATCH.

Adolescent masculinity defines the dominant student culture at many (if not most) co-ed high schools, and many students whose gender and/or sexuality has been historically marginalized experience dissonance or discomfort in these spaces. Many such students have found the Hatch School a good fit for them - including (but not limited to) folks of all genders who identify as non-binary or trans, who are queer, or whose gender expression is non-conforming. HATCH also recognizes that gender identity can evolve during adolescence, and strives to be a place where students find support and celebration for gender transitions.


The Hatch School seeks to allow broad access to the HATCH program. Specific steps we will take to support this accessibility include:

  • Using a Family Individualized Tuition model to encourage families from a wide variety of socioeconomic levels to consider the Hatch School as an option.

  • Prioritizing locating the school with access to public transportation, ideally light rail, so geographically diverse students are easily able to commute to the Hatch campus.

  • Employing principles of Universal Design in lesson design to support students with atypical learning profiles.

  • Scheduling flexibility allows students to individualize the pace of learning and supports students who must balance obligations to work or family with the demands of school.

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