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Students Writing on Board
In all-girls' schools, girls:
  • Receive all the attention and all the opportunities

  • Hold every role

  • Learn in environments designed specifically for them

  • Ask all the questions

  • Are always the loudest voices during discussions

  • Close the STEM gender gap

  • Build communities that are both challenging and collaborative

  • Practice the skills they'll need to thrive in a co-ed world

Compared with peers at co-ed schools, students at all-girls schools report:
  • Higher academic aspirations and motivation

  • More active engagement with their own learning

  • Greater feelings of safety, respect, and belonging

  • More engagement with ideas and activities that prepare them for the world beyond school

After their transition to college, girls' school graduates report they:
  • Had more experience seeking alternative solutions to problems and sharing their solutions with others

  • More frequently studied with their peers

  • Expressed higher confidence in their science knowledge and skills

  • Believed "helping to promote racial understanding" is a very important or essential goal

  • Were more likely to have publicly communicated their opinion about a cause in the past year

Why choose an education centering girls?
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