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Interested in joining the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade at

The Hatch School in the fall of 2024? You're in the right place - learn how to get started below!

If you're interested in transferring into 9th or 10th grade at The Hatch School during the 2023-24 school year, email or call 206.627.0636 to open a conversation.

1. Let us know you're interested in The Hatch School.

We can’t wait to hear from you! You can begin your inquiry into HATCH by completing this form, by reaching out to us via email or phone, or by indicating you’re exploring HATCH in Ravenna, our online application portal.

Another great way to start learning about The Hatch School is to attend one of our upcoming Open Houses or Information Sessions. To sign up to attend one of these events, indicate your interest in Ravenna.

2. Complete the Preliminary Application and pay the application fee.

Completing the Preliminary Application in Ravenna officially lets us know you plan to apply to HATCH.

The Hatch School does not want the application fee to discourage any prospective student from applying. We ask that families for whom the application fee is not a hardship pay $35 to cover our administrative costs for the application process, and families self-select the fee level that is right for them.

3. Complete the remaining application materials via Ravenna.

The following items are part of the application - detailed information for how to complete each is available in Ravenna.

  • Student supplement

  • Student interests and activities

  • Parent statement

  • Two teacher evaluations

  • School records for the prior 2 years

  • School administrator form

  • Family Individualized Tuition form

  • One personal reference (optional, but recommended)

4. Visit us at The Hatch School's campus.

We invite each applicant to The Hatch School to visit campus to experience a typical HATCH school day! While on campus, you'll tour the school, visit classes, spend time connecting with current HATCH students, and chat with our faculty.

Family members are welcome, but not required, to tour The Hatch School while their student is visiting. Families will see our facility, pop in to observe classes, talk with current students and parents, and hear from The Hatch School's co-heads about all that a HATCH high school education has to offer.

After completing the preliminary application, you'll be able to select a date and time for your visit in Ravenna.

5. Have a personal conversation with The Hatch School.

Once you complete the preliminary application, you will be able to schedule an meeting with a member of the HATCH admissions team either during your campus visit or online at a time that is convenient for you. This meeting includes the applicant and one or more parents or guardians.

This conversation is an opportunity for us to learn more about you and your interest in The Hatch School. It's also a time for us to answer questions you and your family might have about the HATCH program or the adventure of joining a brand new school!

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