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Why We Started
The Hatch School

A Letter from Founders
Jessica Hanson and Sarah Peterson


Welcome! We’re so excited to share The Hatch School’s origin story with you.

Like every good story, HATCH began with a setting and a provocation, in our case high school and its shortcomings. When we considered our experiences as students and teachers, we recognized how hard it can be for high school girls. Societal pressures to achieve at a high level in all areas all the time, to squelch feelings of anger, to avoid making mistakes - this can all lead to anxiety, frustration, burnout. And this can then get in the way of real growth and learning - exciting, messy processes that don’t always follow the script we have in our heads. So we have created a new setting -  a school where students who might feel scared or sidelined or silenced can authentically exercise their voices and choices; a place where individuals can find the space and support they need to try new things, fail, adjust, and try again.

Now that we’ve set the scene, let’s flesh out the characters. At HATCH we will help you become the hero (shero?) of your own story, to practice the skills you’ll need to take charge of your life. We want you to be bold, brave, fierce, and persistent. Challenge yourself, challenge us. Help make and remake HATCH to meet your needs and goals. We will support you, push you, help you rebound from your setbacks, and celebrate your successes so when you “leave the nest” you are ready to meet the next phase of life on your own terms.

So we hope you’ll join us for this leg of your learning journey. We encourage you to explore our program and imagine yourself a member of our community. What traditions might you help design? What electives do you want to suggest? How will the qualities that make you uniquely yourself contribute to the vibrancy of HATCH? How might you leverage the experience and expertise of the adults in the community to guide you in your growth?

You probably have questions about The Hatch School. Feel free to reach out to one of us - we'd love to talk with you - both about your story and about how you see yourself co-authoring the story we're writing together at HATCH.

All our best,

Sarah & Jessica
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