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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the application?

Click here.

Can I start my application right now?

Yes. Your first step to begin a HATCH application is to set up an account in Ravenna which you can do right now.

What are the required parts of an application?

A complete application must include:

Preliminary Application
Student Supplement
Parent Statement
2 Teacher Evaluations
School Records
Administrator Form
Family Individualized Tuition Form
Student Visit
Family Conversation Meeting

An additional personal reference is recommended but not required.

Applications which are completed by January 11, 2024 will be given priority in the application process, though the admissions committee will review applications completed after that date on a rolling basis.

Do I need to submit test scores to apply?

The Hatch School does not require or accept standardized test scores as part of our application.

Where is The Hatch School located?

HATCH is located in the heart of Seattle's vibrant Central District, at the corner of 18th Avenue and E. Madison St. We share a building with the Hearing, Speech, and Deaf Center.

What kind of students is The Hatch School looking for?

HATCH students are those who are eager to embrace and attend to our mission, vision, and values. HATCH is looking to build a diverse, supportive community of individuals who demonstrate respect for themselves and others, are willing to stretch beyond their comfort zones, believe learning is about more than getting good grades, and are excited to help create a new school from the ground up.

Does The Hatch School accept students who need additional support in order to be successful in school?

At HATCH we believe students have a diversity of skill sets and everyone is on their own learning journey. Those who have an atypical profile but can learn in heterogeneous, group-based instructional settings aligned to grade-level standards may find HATCH a great fit for their educational goals. Learn more about Learning Support at The Hatch School here.

In the application process, we welcome any information you would like to share about specific learning needs so we can open a conversation about what supports HATCH can provide. Materials such as private test results or educational / psychological assessments can be sent to

If I'm not admitted, will I be told why?

While we carefully and holistically consider every candidate to determine if they are a good match for the HATCH program, we are not able to share the reasoning behind individual admissions decisions. In addition, applications contain confidential information that cannot be discussed with applicants and families.

Does The Hatch School accept international students?

HATCH does not have boarding, homestay, or English Language Learning (ELL) services. We are also unable to offer I-20’s or manage F-1 student visas. For these reasons, we are unable to accept applications from individuals who are not already US citizens or residents.

How many students do you expect in 2024-25?

We hope to have a total of around 30 students enrolled in 2024-25.

What ages of students will you enroll in 2024-25?

We are accepting applications to the 9th, 10th, and 11th graders for the fall of 2024.

What extracurricular opportunities are available?

We offer a variety of ways for students to engage with athletics, student government, affinity groups, and a variety of student interest-driven clubs. Students will also have opportunities to represent their peers by serving on various Board of Trustees subcommittees.

Will you offer classes in the arts or physical education?

We offer both arts and PE classes during the last block of each school day. We have established partnerships with area organizations including Pratt Fine Arts Center, Krystal Joy Fitness, Seattle Artists League, Coyote Central, and Rain City Fit to help us provide a robust and exciting slate of courses.

What is the homework load?

As a rule of thumb, students can anticipate 15-30 minutes of independent work per course per night, for a total of 5 hours or less per week. Since HATCH students usually have 3 or 4 meetings of core classes per day, daily homework should rarely exceed 90 minutes. Additionally, office hours are scheduled at the end of each school day and students are encouraged to start their daily assignments at this time.

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