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At The Hatch School, one of our frameworks is that every learner is on their own journey, with growth as the goal. Students whose learning profiles are atypical, but compatible with heterogeneous classroom group instruction aligned to grade-level standards, may find that HATCH is a great fit for their learning goals. The supports that HATCH is able to provide to students both within and beyond the classroom are described below.

As a new, small school, HATCH does not yet have a learning specialist on staff. Students whose learning profiles require specialized services or benefit from instructional practices beyond what can typically be provided in a classroom setting with a single teacher may find that HATCH is not the best match for their high school experience.

Within the Classroom

Teachers employ practices of Universal Design for Learning when planning and implementing learning tasks.

  • Teachers share new information with students using multiple modalities.

  • Students are regularly offered choices about learning activities and ways to demonstrate mastery of learning objectives.

  • Accommodations are provided universally when practical, such as untimed testing or access to voice-to-text tools for writing.

  • Iterative assessment opportunities provide multiple chances for students to show what they know, understand, and can do.

Beyond the Classroom

  • Daily office hours and weekly study halls provide time within the school day for students to receive individual support from faculty.

  • Students may choose to enroll in Supported Study as one of their electives. This course provides additional structure for students who benefit from organizational and workload management assistance.

  • Teachers and advisors at The Hatch School will coordinate closely with outside instructional support providers such as diagnosticians and tutors.

  • Each student's personal advisor will collect information from student and teachers and initiate interventions as needed.

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