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Work / LIFE

Experiential Education at The Hatch School

A rigorous, college-preparatory high school education focuses deeply on preparing for higher education. That's important, no doubt - but graduates are increasingly complaining that their education hasn't taught them the practical skills needed to participate in adult life in the most basic ways.

At The Hatch School, students will gain these valuable skills for adulting - and the confidence that comes alongside them - by engaging in meaningful work within the walls of the school.

Each term, students will select a Work/LIFE job at which they will spend several hours a week. Each student will receive on-the-job training from HATCH staff and contribute to keeping the school running. Work/LIFE jobs offered will vary each term, but options could include:

Facilities support

Learn skills for maintaining a home or office and making minor repairs.

Community meal leaders

Plan, shop for, and prepare the weekly community meal.

Marketing support

Contribute to The Hatch School's brand and maintain the school social media presence.

Front office, admissions, or advancement office support

Practice professional communication, problem solving, and customer service skills.

Hiring support

Learn what makes a compelling application by serving on a hiring committee.

Student government

Learn how to effectively advocate on behalf of the student community.

Committee membership

Contribute to school leadership through service on a board or planning committee.

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