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Graduation Requirements

English: 8 credits, including Humanities 9 (2 credits), Humanities 10 (2 credits), Humanities 11 (1 credit), and 3 elective credits.

Social Studies: 6 credits, including Humanities 9 (1 credit), Humanities 10 (1 credit), Humanities 11 (2 credits), The Spanish-Speaking World (1 credit), and American Government (1 credit)

Science: 6 credits, including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Mathematics & Computer Science: 6 credits, including completion of Computational Thinking, Integrated Mathematics III, and Statistical & Data Literacy.

Spanish: 4 credits (6 preferred)

Fine Arts: 4 credits

Physical Education: 4 credits, including Health (1 credit)

Career & Technical Education: 4 credits, through the Work/LIFE program


The Hatch School Humanities program takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of literature, history, social studies, philosophy, and the arts. We believe this helps students better understand the connections between individuals and cultures, between contemporary questions and historical precedents. Throughout the required 3-course sequence of Humanities 9, Humanities 10, and American Studies we emphasize skills of critical and analytical thinking, research, and communication. Students practice close reading and writing in a variety of rhetorical modes: personal narrative, research writing, and literary analysis among others.

In addition to the Humanities sequence, students are required to take a 1 trimester course on the History and Culture of the Spanish-Speaking World (in conjunction with their 9th grade Spanish language course), a 1 trimester course on American Government taken during the senior year, and 3 English electives.

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Math & Computer Science

Mathematics study at The Hatch School is rooted in our values of high expectations and high support. The heart of the HATCH mathematics program is the Integrated Math class, an individualized course in which students learn the concepts of geometry and intermediate algebra at a pace and scope unique to their own learning needs and interests.

All 9th grade students are enrolled in DigiCORE, combining 2 credits of Integrated Math with 1 credit of Computational Thinking, the latter of which provides an introduction to data analytics and concepts of coding.

More conventionally taught advanced mathematics classes covering topics in statistics, trigonometry, and calculus are offered to students ready to progress past the Integrated Math program. ​HATCH also plans to partner with an online course provider to extend the math and computer science offerings available to students; we are still in the process of establishing that partnership. It is our plan for students to be able to access electives in both computer science and mathematics, as well as coursework more advanced than Calculus 1, through study with our partner organization.

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HATCH’s science program is grounded in the belief that science is all around us, and to understand our world and make informed decisions we must understand both the process and content of biology, chemistry, and physics. Our program stresses the use of science and engineering practices and authentic data to help students build both the skills and knowledge they will need to navigate an increasingly technological world.

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Students will begin or continue their study of Spanish based on their proficiency level upon entry to HATCH. Using a balance of reading, writing, and speaking, the Spanish program provides students with the grammar, vocabulary, and cultural literacy skills they will need to navigate an increasingly diverse and connected world. Use of authentic Spanish language resources helps students gain an appreciation of the breadth of the Spanish-speaking world.


The HATCH Arts program works to introduce students to the power of visual and theatrical self-expression. Classes are designed to encourage risk-taking, perseverance and independent thinking, within a supportive, trusting community. At the end of each term students will exhibit / perform their work in a campus-wide celebration of the arts.

The arts program is offered through collaboration with community partners, such as the Pratt Fine Arts Center and Taproot Theatre Company.

Physical Education

At HATCH we believe regular physical activity is integral to a balanced and healthy life. Students can meet their Physical Education requirements in a variety of ways: by playing sports outside of school, by joining a HATCH athletic team, or by participating in our fitness classes offered through community partners such as Seven Star Women's Kung Fu and Balanced Humans Yoga.

Health (1 trimester, required for all 9th grade students)

In conjunction with their study of Biology, HATCH students explore issues including stress and stress management, mental health, nutrition, human sexuality, and drugs and alcohol. Through discussion, projects, and deconstruction of popular media, students practice decision-making, analysis, and communication skills so they may assume increasing responsibility for their own wellness and well-being.

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