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Teacher Helping Student
At HATCH, we believe:
  • Learning is both personal and relational

  • Making and rebounding from mistakes is integral to learning

  • Timely, actionable feedback fuels growth

  • Learning happens best in an environment free from fear

  • Communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking are pillars of learning

  • Contextualized learning helps students apply knowledge and skills to new situations

  • Every learner is on their own journey: their beginnings, paths, and endpoints may be different, but they will all make significant progress

HATCH students don’t just learn about the world, they engage with contemporary issues and propose solutions to make the world better for themselves and those who follow. Using case studies and problem-based learning, students explore the past and present of issues such as immigration, global wealth distribution, and inequities in health care to better understand their complex history and take steps to effect change now and in the future.

Real World.
Real Problems.
Real Solutions.
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