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HATCH encourages every student to walk their own, personalized learning path. Through strong relationships with teachers and peers, a 9th grade CORE curriculum, and a flexible schedule that lets each individual best support their learning priorities, students customize their education to make school work for them. Read more below about the different ways HATCH students can personalize their learning.

Integrated Mathematics & Spanish Courses

We know that students come to The Hatch School with a wide variety of experiences and skill levels - and in subjects like math and Spanish which are highly cumulative, a larger school would typically place incoming students in a variety of courses.

At HATCH, 9th grade students instead take Integrated Math and Integrated Spanish, both of which provide the opportunity to follow a highly personalized curriculum together with a small group of peers who are working at a comparable level.

Schedule Flexibility & Optional Summer Term

Every student has obligations outside of school - and sometimes those obligations create real logistical challenges for students and families.

Students who are completing an internship, have frequent appointments to support their health or learning, are highly competitive athletes, work a paid job, travel a long distance to school, have significant household duties, or devote long hours to honing their art may benefit from schedule flexibility.

Starting in the 10th grade at The Hatch School, students may choose to earn some of their credits during HATCH's optional summer term, take a class in an asynchronous online model, and/or arrange their schedule to arrive late or leave early during the school year to support their own balance and wellness.

Independent Fine Art and Physical Education Credits

The Hatch School provides a way for students who devote long hours to athletics or fine arts outside of the school day to earn up to 2 credits annually by completing independent work alongside their practice.

Work / LIFE and internship options

HATCH's experiential learning requirement can be fulfilled through a wide variety of options within the in-house Work/LIFE program, or through internships outside of the walls of The Hatch School. HATCH will support students in finding internship opportunities which are aligned with their interests and learning priorities.

Global Online Academy Coursework

The Hatch School has partnered with Global Online Academy, a consortium of over 150 leading independent schools across 31 states and 27 different countries. This collaboration allows The Hatch School to expand the set of courses we are able to offer to our students, while simultaneously providing access to a highly collaborative, global learning community.

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