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Wellness is at the heart of learning, and at HATCH we take an integrated approach to ensure our students are seen, heard, and cared for. Topics including identity development, conflict resolution, stress reduction, and community building are built into both our curriculum and Advisory program to help students become more reflective and empathetic while fostering the skills required to effectively relate with others. Using a solution-oriented mindset, HATCH students build self-esteem and strong relationships with adults and peers while attending to their own self-care.

As a new, small school HATCH does not have a counselor on staff. However, we recognize that open communication between student, family, health professionals, and school is a necessary prerequisite for student success. The Hatch School is actively seeking partnerships with mental health providers who can serve as the first line of support for students experiencing crisis, and to whom students can be referred for ongoing care. When students need support during the school day, they are able to seek out their advisor or another trusted adult on campus.

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