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One of the reasons we started The Hatch School was to reimagine how schools demonstrate commitment to equity. At a school that charges tuition, there is a particular obligation to ensure that inclusion and access are at the very core of how tuition decisions are made.

That's why we chose a Family Individualized Tuition model, or FIT. Learn more about FIT, the process by which HATCH determines tuition obligations, and how FIT centers equity below.

Jessica Hanson & Sarah Peterson, co-heads

FIT Case Studies
Tier 2: $80,000 - $120,000

Fatima's family

Fatima lives with her parents, two siblings, and her elderly grandmother. Her mother is a stay-at-home caregiver and her father is a mechanical engineer, earning a salary of $112,000 annually. One of Fatima's siblings is in college and her other sibling attends public school. The family rents a home and pays $2900 per month in rent.

Fatima's FIT level is $1200.

Sydney's family

Sydney is an only child and lives with both of her parents. Her dad is a project manager and earns a salary of $82,000, and her mom is a jewelry artist who sells her work online, earning $17,000 a year. Sydney's family purchased their home in 2015 and it is currently valued at $850,000. The family also has retirement savings of $400,000 and inherited investments valued at $120,000.

Sydney also inherited some investments in her name which are valued at $12,500.

Sydney's FIT level is $19,750.

Cam's family

Cam's parents are divorced. Cam's mom is an information technology specialist and earns $61,000 annually. She owns a condominium which she purchased in 2012 and is valued at $500,000. Their dad, who lives outside the Seattle area, is a self-employed personal trainer and earns $39,000. He is remarried with a toddler, and owns a home with his wife which was purchased in 2018 and is valued at $325,000.

Cam's FIT level is $10,500.

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