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One of the reasons we started The Hatch School was to reimagine how schools demonstrate commitment to equity. At a school that charges tuition, there is a particular obligation to ensure that inclusion and access are at the very core of how tuition decisions are made.

That's why we chose a Family Individualized Tuition model, or FIT. Learn more about FIT, the process by which HATCH determines tuition obligations, and how FIT centers equity below.

Jessica Hanson & Sarah Peterson, co-heads

FIT Case Studies
Tier 3: $120,000 - $200,000

Adeline's family

Adeline lives with both parents and her younger brother. Her mother Laura is a public health administrator, earning $87,000, and her mother Allison is a nursing supervisor, earning $97,000. Her family rents a home, paying $3450 monthly. Adeline's brother is also enrolled at an independent school. They have $550,000 in retirement savings.

Adeline's FIT level is $9,250.

Jasmine's family

Jasmine has a blended family. She and her sister, who also attends independent school, split time between her divorced parents' homes.

Her mom lives with her husband and their 2 young children, who are in daycare. Her mom works as an executive assistant and earns $68,000, and rents a home with her stepfather, paying $3100 monthly.

Jasmine's dad is an attorney, earning $130,000. He lives with his wife and his wife's son from her previous marriage, who also attends independent school. They live in a house they purchased together in 2014 and is valued at $1,100,000. He has retirement savings of $525,000.

Jasmine's FIT level is $16,500.

Preeti's Family

Preeti lives with her parents and grandmother, who is in good health. She also has an older sister, is in her first year of medical school and lives out of state.

Her father is an engineer, earning $155,000 annually. Her mother works part-time as a librarian, earning $29,000.

The family lives in a home they purchased in 2009 which is valued at $975,000. The family also has significant investments, with $1,200,000 in retirement savings and $220,000 in other investments.

Preeti's FIT level is $29,000.

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