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One of the reasons we started The Hatch School was to reimagine how schools demonstrate commitment to equity. At a school that charges tuition, there is a particular obligation to ensure that inclusion and access are at the very core of how tuition decisions are made.

That's why we chose a Family Individualized Tuition model, or FIT. Learn more about FIT, the process by which HATCH determines tuition obligations, and how FIT centers equity below.

Jessica Hanson & Sarah Peterson, co-heads

FIT Case Studies
Tier 4: $200,000 or more

Avery's family

Avery​ lives with their mother and their two siblings who are also enrolled in independent schools; their father is deceased. Avery's mother, a physician, earns $220,000 annually. The family lives in a home purchased in 2008, valued at $1.2 million. Avery's mother has $800,000 in retirement savings and $120,000 in other investments.

Avery's FIT is $18,750.

Imani's family

Imani lives with both her parents and her younger sister, who is enrolled in independent school. She also has an older half-brother who is enrolled in graduate school, earning his MFA in creative writing. Her parents are both software engineers and collectively they earn $270,000 annually.

The family lives in a home which was purchased in 2019 and is valued at $975,000, and her parents have retirement savings valued at $1.2 million.

Imani's FIT is $29,000.

Simone's family

Simone's parents own two fine dining restaurants which have historically been very successful but which were affected deeply by COVID. Simone's parents submitted a Statement of Explanation to share that in 2020, they fully depleted their savings and took on tremendous debt in order to pay expenses while their restaurants were closed. Fortunately, their business has rebounded in 2021 and they reported $210,000 in earnings, but continue to carry $200,000 in personal debt.

Simone has an older sibling who is an undergraduate, and the family owns a home which was purchased in 2011 and is valued at $1.1 million.

Simone's FIT is $15,500.

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