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What's in a Name?

When Sarah and Jessica were first talking about starting a girl-centered school, they needed a shorthand way to discuss the endeavor. Since they were “hatching a plan,” they decided to call the project Hatch. When it came time to pick a “real name,” they floated a number of possibilities by their friends and families. People kept asking why they weren’t sticking with The Hatch School as the name. “That was just a placeholder”, they tried to explain, but the people had spoken. What resonated about The Hatch School as a name? The metaphor of a place where students could incubate and grow was compelling, as was the idea of graduates as hatchlings, ready to spread their wings and fly out into the world. Fast forward 10 months and here we are - The Hatch School!

And what about a mascot? That decision is going to be left to the inaugural class of students to determine. Ideas that have been floated so far include the Valkyries and the Water Bears, but we suspect the class of 2026 will have their own amazing - and better - thoughts on the subject.

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